David Goodlad has over twenty years experience in assessing and treating the damage alcohol dependence can cause.

Is your drinking causing you concern and you want to speak to a specialist in confidence?

Is your employees drinking or substance use causing  concern?

Is someone else’s drinking or substance use causing concern?




In addition to alcohol counselling, there are two types of assessment offered, for individuals and employers:

Assessment 1 involves a face to face interview,  patient history taking, problem and consequence analysis, the use of alcohol instruments to establish the presence of dependence. A treatment plan will also be suggested.

Assessment 2 is over a three hour period, followed by a professional case management review and a written report which will lay out the findings, opinion and a suggested treatment plan.

medical consultant

This service has proved particularly useful for employers, families considering alcohol rehab for a loved one, for solicitors in respect of inheritance cases and individuals who just want to know as much as they can about the effects of alcohol use on themselves or another.

You can get alcohol help now, help for alcohol problems and binge drinking is available. We will provide you with a sensitive and confidential service. We are a private company offering an alternative to the usual channels of help through the NHS. You can be seen very quickly and the right advice and guidance does help turn lives around.

David Goodlad provides a comprehensive assessment service to help clearly identify a person’s alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence, and alcoholism, addiction to alcohol or binge drinking history. He will help construct a clear understanding of the causes, consequences and implications of a drinker’s history. David will undertake a detailed and objective alcohol assessment process. This is a private company offering confidential private help for alcohol dependence and problematic drinking.

Full Psychiatric and Medical Assessments are also available, please contact our office for more information.