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Relationship counselling for help with trust, betrayal and self esteem issues. Break ups, seperation, divorce or new relationships can be helped by receiving Couples counselling in Canterbury. Contact us for an appointment with a qualified couples counsellor. Let us provide support and help with your relationship difficulties.

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Building and sustaining a relationship takes a lot of personal energy. It can be devastating when a relationship ends; it can feel like a deep and debilitating grieving experience. Fear that a relationship might end, or fear that a relationship won’t end can be equally disturbing. To have a private one to one confidential couples counselling session with a qualified relationship counsellor call today. If you are married and do not want to divorce, then marriage counselling really can help. There is no quick fix but we will try to help you explore your concerns,  improve your understanding and reach a point of greater awareness.


Relationships are difficult. If you are wondering why your relationship is not working, consider for a moment some of the signs and effects of love and compare them to a serious illness: abnormal heart rhythms, sweating, impaired brain function, incoherent speech patterns and loss of sleep, hugely increased impulsivity, loss of concentration, sudden changes in eating patterns, flashbacks, images both pleasant and unpleasant, the list goes on. Indeed try and add some of your own symptoms to get a fuller picture of what you can experience when a relationship goes wrong. Counselling with your partner or alone can be very effective.


We have been providing relationship counselling  in Canterbury for many years.


For a caring, supportive and helpful therapy call us. We will see you on an individual basis. We will help you through this difficult time. We will help you understand what is happening. Our relationship therapists are qualified counsellors. The relationship counselling is effective and the psychotherapy approach is a sensitive one. Couples Counselling is carried out by a Couples counsellor who is interested in helping you reach your goal of improviong and strengthening your marriage.


Whether you are thinking of getting into a relationship, have concerns and trust issues about the one you are already in or are no longer in one but are left unsure, in pain or just confused, we can help you. We are a private and confidential service offering relationship counselling in Canterbury, Kent.


If you are experiencing doubt and uncertainty about what to do, we can help you.


Your clarity of purpose, security and direction are so easily removed when you experience relationship issues.


We have many years experience in providing couples counselling in Kent. We help individuals come to terms with the most difficult of relationship issues. If you feel let down by someone or have doubts about your own actions, call us for an appointment. Your relationship difficulties may range from divorce or separation, affairs or betrayal, sexual issues or just a feeling of being completely lost. It helps to talk it through properly.




For a private consultation with a fully qualified Psychological therapist call 01227 290 098



Relationship counselling for Canterbury, Dover, Whitstable, Faversham and surrounding areas.

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