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Residential treatment is recommended for clients who would benefit from an intensive and structured programme of support, particularly those at the beginning of their recovery journey. The research and local authority findings indicate that Kent has at least 18,000 alcohol dependent drinkers. However this figure does not take into account the ‘silent’ majority of drinkers, many of which seek confidential and private help.

David and his team are rehab experts for private alcohol treatment in the Canterbury and Kent area, they can advise you how to plan a way forward. They can offer you an initial telephone assessment or a face to face appointment to help you decide on an effective treatment plan that best suits your needs. Call now for advice on private alcohol rehabs. David’s office is located in central Canterbury, with local parking and good links to transport, they are well-placed to offer ongoing support and aftercare sessions once you have returned home.

David can help you consider whether inpatient detoxification will be needed at the start of treatment. An alcohol detox in a residential setting allows you to be medically assessed and prescribed any medication needed to make the withdrawal process as comfortable as possible. He can discuss residential options with differing levels of medical provision, all offering 24-hour staff support.

Alongside your physical health, alcohol rehabilitation will focus on changing your thoughts and behaviour. The core goal of a treatment centre will be to free you from the cycle of dependency that led you to initially seeking help. Treatment centres adopt an abstinence-based approach and achieve this through a combination of therapies; common elements include group work, one-to-one counselling, cognitive bias re-alignment, introduction to self help groups and the 12-steps, education around the subject of addiction, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT. The content of each residential treatment programme is varied and is often personalised.

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Alcohol problems in Kent are one of the main concerns for Public Health England. Liver disease is only one way by which alcohol misuse can prove fatal. In Kent 600 people are recorded to have died from issues attributable to alcohol in 2012. However this is not a complete figure as many other deaths that are also attributable to alcohol are often recorded as other causes.

Don’t be a statistic, call 01227 290 098 for residential alcohol help before alcohol starts costing you more than the price of a drink.


Residential Treatment Centre
Residential Treatment Centre

Here in Kent and the surrounding area there are residential alcohol treatment options that offer varying standards of both treatment and accommodation. We can advise you on the best way forward and look at the history of each clinic. The clinics can often tailor programmes for a wide range of client presentations including alcoholism, substance dependency, behavioural addictions, and eating disorders. Some clinics provide a multi-disciplinary team of staff who are experienced in working with clients who may be physically or psychologically complex, particularly dual diagnosis patients. To this end clients benefit from care plans based on comprehensive medical and psychiatric input. The clinics are set within their own grounds of varying size but always aim to provide a secure and comfortable setting in which clients can work on their recovery goals. To hear more about options in Kent and the Kent catchment area, call to speak with David’s dedicated team on 01227 290 098.

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There are also several choices for effective inpatient treatment in the surrounding counties of Essex, Sussex, Surrey and beyond. Indeed over the past twenty years David has been a pioneer in overseas alcohol and substance misuse treatment, particularly South Africa where he established the first national accreditation system for addiction counsellors in 2000. Each of the centres can provide a supervised, medicated detox and varied therapeutic programme, delivered within a challenging yet supportive environment. To arrange an appointment with David to discuss your options, call today on 01227 290 098.