Stress Counselling in Canterbury

David Goodlad FRSPH, stress counsellor, has developed a comprehensive stress management programme. The programme is designed to help you explore the origins of your stress, understand them and put into place a long term, effective stress management plan.


David Goodlad practices in Canterbury, Kent

Stress Management Plan

There are different types of stress:

Relationship Stress – Work Stress – Executive Stress – Family Stress – Executive Stress – Personal Stress etc

These and many others are driven by a repeat cycle of stressful thoughts, symptoms and influences.

How we experience stress can be understood through looking at how it affects us:

  • Psychologically – What and How we think
  • Physically – What and How we do things
  • Environmentally – What and How things affect us


David’s stress management programme can help you:

  • Assess your stress
  • Understand how where and how stress is present in key areas of your life
  • Develop a realistic stress management plan


David Goodlad offers many years experience of stress counselling. He has helped business leaders, managers and executives explore, understand and overcome their stress.

Some levels of stress and personal pressure to act can be useful. However, excessive stress is a real health risk. Effective stress counselling can really improve the quality of life, don’t let stress get out of control.

For an appointment with a Stress Counsellor in Canterbury, call 01227 290 098.


Psychiatric Assessments in Harley Street London are also available please contact me for more information.